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Power Loop Pyramid

Discover the magic of Darda® race sets.

 A simple back and forth motion

is all it takes to send Darda cars speeding along the race course.

A 2-1/2' (76.2cm) pyramid supports five incredible loops challenging the

 Ultra Speed™ cars to defy gravity at speeds up to 600 scale mph!

More loops, more thrills, and more possibilities create more excitement!

This 152-piece set includes a Darda  Bump 'n' Go racer for double the fun.

Set comes with car, track and instructions for layout!


What is Bump 'n' Go Action?

The Darda Bump 'n' Go car has a special blue motor. Wind the car,

place it on the track - and it stays there!

Wind a Darda  standard Ultra Speed™ car (red motor) in front of the

 Darda Bump 'n' Go car and let it go! The 1st racer speeds through

the course and bumps into the stationary car sending it into action!


Set Up Size: 50" x 28" x 18"


Pyramid Tower Stands 2 1/2' Tall!

Instructions for 4 Layouts Included!

Ages 4 & Up

NO Batteries or Electricity Needed!



Do you have special tips for creating my own layouts?

First, try all the layouts that are described in the instructions included with your Darda set. This will help you understand how the pieces work together. The Create A Course set  has 150 pieces and instructions for 30 layouts. This is a great set to try!

After you've created your own set, make sure the type of Darda car you're using is appropriate for the layout size. It's best to use an Ultra Speed car since the light-weight plastic body has no trouble climbing 4-foot towers!

Also note that each car body has its own shape - some are longer, some are shorter. Shorter bodies tend to complete loops and stunts more easily than longer bodies.

If you've made a super big layout, why not use two or even three Darda cars! Tip: wind up one or two Bump 'n' Go cars and "park" them along the course of the set. Wind a Standard Motor car at the beginning and watch it bump the waiting car from behind to send it into action! You may need to experiment with the best place to start your first car so that it reaches the waiting Bump 'n' Go car.

Is it ok to run my car on carpeting?

While Darda cars will run on carpet, we do not recommend it. Carpet fibers and pet hair can easily get caught in the motor and shorten its life. You will get the best performance from your cars by running them on clean, hard surfaces or clean Darda track.

What is the difference between a Standard Motor and a Bump 'n' Go motor?

The Standard Darda Motor fits both types of car bodies (Ultra Speed and Die Cast.) Once it's wound, it'll take off when you let go. The Standard Motor is red.

The Darda  Bump 'n' Go Motor also fits both types of car bodies. However, it contains a special clutch mechanism that allows the motor to be fully wound yet, stand still when you let go. The car will take off when the rear bumper is tapped by another car or your finger. The Bump 'n' Go motor is blue.

What is the difference between Ultra Speed and die cast cars?

Ultra Speed cars are made of light-weight ABS plastic. They are perfect for climbing tall inclines and making it through large track configurations with lots of loops.

Die cast car bodies are metal making them good for short track layouts and racing your friends on long stretches of track.

Why does my car run slowly or not at all?

It may be time to replace the motor. Though Darda motors can never be over-wound, the life of the motor depends on how much it is used and cleanliness. If lint or carpet fibers have gotten trapped in the motor, it will affect car performance. Replacements are available for standard  and Bump 'n' Go motors

Why won't my car go all the way around the track?

There could be several reasons:
1. The car is not fully wound
2. Track connections are not secure
3. Track needs to be broken in
4. The motor needs to be replaced

Be sure the car is fully wound by pressing down on the car body and then moving it back and forth several times until you hear the "click" get louder. Once the clicking gets louder, the car is fully wound - let it go! While it will not hurt the motor to wind it more at this point, it will not affect the speed of the car.

Check the track to make sure all seams meet and connections are secure. Track pieces must meet flush against each other where they are connected with track joiners or loop joiners. There should be no gaps or bumps at the joints.

When a Darda set is brand new, the track is not as pliable as a well-used set. It may be necessary to play with, adjust, slightly bend or tweak the loops or flex track to maximize performance. As the track gets broken in, it will become more pliable and you will need fewer adjustments.

Even the mightly Darda Mega Motor gets tired after many uses. If the car has seen heavy use - especially if run on carpet - it may be time to replace the motor. Darda  Replacement motors are available for both the standard version and Bump 'n' Go.



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