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In 1976 Phyllis Brody and Evelyn Greenwald, the founders of Creativity for Kids, had a dream that their unique concept of enriching, open-ended creative activities would inspire children all around the world.  With hard work, a dedicated mission and respected friendships along the way, their dream became reality.

True to Phyllis and Evelyn’s original dream that launched Creativity for Kids and the mission that guides us, we look forward to the future of enriching the lives of children everywhere with fun and constructive experiences that stimulate and encourage their natural creativity.

As a values oriented company, we are always working to make our products reflect our mission. 

Our company has grown and we’ve increased manufacturing capacity and streamlined our processes to remain competitive, while always staying true to our mission.  faber-castell brands

In the beginning, Creativity for Kids kits were made in Phyllis and Evelyn’s basements and dining rooms.  Then they moved into their very first office where design, production and shipping took place on-site.  Seven years later, Creativity for Kids moved to East 23rd Street in downtown Cleveland. Production and assembly were done in sheltered workshops. 

The company continued to grow by leaps and bounds and in the early 1990’s, it was necessary to move to an even larger location on Central Avenue in downtown Cleveland.  It was here that all aspects of the business took place.  The company had begun sourcing components in Asia and gradually we established a reliable network of vendors.  Demand and distribution of Creativity for Kids became global.  We needed to produce more products than our US production and assembly could handle.  As a result, we transitioned production to our reliable Asian manufacturing partners while our US facility became focused on distribution.

We have always designed and developed all of our products, including the spectacular graphic designs right here in Cleveland, Ohio.  As our Mission Statement states:  “We operate our business in a responsible and caring way…” As a result, we are extremely selective regarding who we partner with to manufacture our products.  These relationships have been built over the years and we consider our manufacturing partners to be a part of our family. 




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