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 Compact Sets

4138 PLAYMOBIL Construction Site Compact Set
4139 PLAYMOBIL Pirate Island Compact Set
4140 PLAYMOBIL Wading Pool Compact Set
4141 PLAYMOBIL Go-Kart Race Compact Set

A single playing surface, a variety of accessories and an attractive price make the brand new Compact Sets the ideal gift for children’s birthdays. Be it real bricks for building walls on a construction site, a rocky hiding place for golden treasure and a rowing boat for the pirates, a plunge pool which can be filled with water or a fold-up start ramp for an exciting go-kart race, the Compact Sets provide maximum playtime pleasure at a minimum price.


4681 Woman with Float
4683 Cossack Soldier
4685 Zulu Warrior

Animal Clinic

4343 PLAYMOBIL Animal Clinic Little animal lovers can nurse their pets back to health in the brand new Animal Clinic (L55 x W36 x H25 cm). The well-equipped surgery even contains plasters and bandages for the realistic treatment of wounds and injuries while, there are extra nursing pens and feeding bottles for orphaned baby animals. The spacious yard with open-air pens for dogs, rabbits and their feathered friends, means that the vets are kept busy ensuring that all of the animal patients are nursed back to health.

4344 PLAYMOBIL Animal Nursery
The Animal Nursery with open-air pens is a thoughtfully designed environment for ailing quadrupeds (L39 x W39 x H14 cm). Injured sheep, goats, calves and ponies are in good hands here and will soon be healthy again. The vet tends to the cute little donkey with a feeding bottle while her two helpers look after the fodder. A bandage for tying, a plaster for sticking: the many details provide lots of fun for all of those with a soft spot for animals.

4346 PLAYMOBIL Vet Operating Room
In the Vet Operating Room, with CT Scanner, X-Ray equipment and loads of accessories the ill animals can be look after. The set can be used in the Animal Clinic.

Promotional Items

5804 PLAYMOBIL Take Along Pirates Treasure Island
From now on its “Beware of pirates!” everywhere as the Take Along Pirates Treasure Island means that macho freebooters are ready for action at any time. Equipped with a firing cannon, the crew needs to be on the alert to ensure that their pirates’ treasure is not discovered and seized from its rocky hiding place. Will the skull cliffs, visible from afar, and the fluores­cent skeleton be enough to deter marauding pirates? The Treasure Island can be played with from both sides, can be taken along everywhere and is quickly packed away after every adventure thanks to the integ­rated storeroom. A limited edition innovation at a blockbuster price.

4444 PLAYMOBIL Cannon Boat
The battle for the pirates’ booty can begin. The crew of the versatile Cannon Boat have only one thing in mind: robbing the legendary skull pirates of their golden treasure! A treasure chest filled from previous raids is safely hidden below the deck. Anyone planning to confront the adventurous pirates will need to be quick as this floatable, attractively priced ship is available as a limited edition.

3900 PLAYMOBIL Red Corsair
“Raise anchor, cut ropes!“ With blood red sails and a pirate flag the Red Corsairstarts its foray into children’s rooms. On board the floating sailing ship the captain and his crew are ready for playful encounters. The functional oars, shooting cannon and hull with stowage for the treasure chest allow exciting pirate adventures in a PLAYMOBIL format.

Easter Bunny Promotion

4460 PLAYMOBIL Bunnies Treehouse
The lovingly designed Bunnies Treehouse, complete with the rabbit family, makes the ideal Easter gift. The carefully detailed living room sheltered among the branches at the top of the tree is an invitation for many a playtime Easter story.


4296 PLAYMOBIL Church
Tra-la-la...finally: little girls’ dreams come true with PLAYMOBIL’s magnificent Church (L32 x W42 x H56 cm). A bell tower with a clock and sound module with two effects towers above the stately nave. The interior creates the right atmosphere with its stained glass windows, magnificent floral arrangements and decorated pews. The bride, in an elegant wedding dress complete with floor length veil made of real lace, approaches the altar alongside the bridegroom to the chiming of wedding bells. This play set sets the scene for many a romantic story with a happy ending. A special feature is the jewellery case containing two rings.

4297 PLAYMOBIL Wedding Pavilion with Jewel Case
A dream come true: the best day of your life begins in front of the registry office officials in the stylish Wedding Pavilion (L29 x W57 x H40 cm). The bride, in a chic floor length dress complete with bouquet and lace veil, says yes to her beaming bridegroom. PLAYMOBIL has thought of every detail: in addition to generous floral decorations to mark the occasion, a bottle of Champagne and two glasses also await the newly married couple. Young romantics can enact the exchanging of rings with the jewellery case included. The stuff that little girls’ dreams are made of!

4298 PLAYMOBIL Bridal Couple with Wedding Cake
The Bridal Couple with Wedding Cake is more than just an innovative play set for little girls. The dashing bridegroom in top hat and tails and the elegant bride with her floor length veil of real lace are sure to make a popular gift for many “marriage candidates”. An extra detail is the mini PLAYMOBIL bridal couple on the wedding cake.

4307 PLAYMOBIL Wedding Car
After the wedding the yellow Wedding Car heads for the honeymoon. The luggage is quickly packed into the boot. The sporty vehicle is also an everyday car as the floral decorations and the amusing “Just Married” cans are removable.

4309 PLAYMOBIL Piano Player
What would a wedding be without music? The smart Piano Player plays two different melodies on his elegant white piano. He can of course provide suitable musical accompaniment for other occasions as well.

Nautical Expedition

4473 PLAYMOBIL Research Submarine
Whether in search of sunken treasure or rare sea creatures, the well-equipped Research Submarine will turn the marine expedition into a wonderful adventure. The extended arms make it easy to bring interesting objects up to the surface. The watertight cabin enables the adventurous marine scientists to venture into the deeper regions as the diving depth is easily regulated using the hand pump included, while the spotlights ensure a good view. The exploration submarine is equipped with an underwater motor and is ready for an exciting marine adventure!

4489 Researcher on Boat and Whale
The Exploration Dinghy with an outboard motor and marine Researcher on Boat is dwarfed by the impressive Whale (L 34 cm). These marine mammals can reach a length of 18m in the wild. Both the boat and the whale float. Air actually bubbles out of the whale’s blowhole if you push it under the water quickly.

4478 Deep Sea Diving Bell
The Deep Sea Diving Bell submerges in water and the waterproof cabin allows the divers to venture into deep regions of the sea. With the extended arms they can grasp interesting objects and bring them up to the surface.

Road Construction

4043 PLAYMOBIL Take Along Construction
The Take Along Construction shed is just the thing! The fold-up workshop with carrying handle contains loads of traffic barriers, two figures, road signs, a welding machine and tools for a variety of jobs. The best part about it is that little builders can take the construction shed with them wherever they go and can play with it on both sides. What’s more, everything can be packed away again very quickly: simply open the working rolling door on the one side, put the toys inside and into the cupboard it goes. Tidying up was never this quick!

4046 PLAYMOBIL Road Maintenance Truck
Whether summer or winter, the Road Maintenance Truck with its working flashing light is always hard at work. The moveable road works sign ensures that the roads are clear of traffic. The truck’s swivel-mounted crane makes it easy for the driver to load the tiltable trailer and the working, removable grit dispenser ensures extra fun. This robust truck is a true multi-tasker!

4047 PLAYMOBIL Road Construction
Potholes to be repaired or paving stones to be replaced? No problem with the large Road Construction site. The two workmen can get down to work as soon as the construction site has been demarcated by the traffic barrier with the continually flashing light. A jackhammer like that can be rather loud but the work is soon completed. Plenty of realistic accessories ensure lasting playtime fun.

Promotional Items

4445 PLAYMOBIL Police Seaplane
4446 PLAYMOBIL Alligator Hovercraft

The Police Seaplane, with a wingspan of 40cm, rotating pro­pellers and detachable floats on the wings, is ready for action any time, anywhere. The comprehensive equipment both in the aeroplane and for the two policemen with their bullet-proof vests, torches, pistols and much more is inspiration enough for action-filled chases. The Alligator Hovercraft has rescued a baby alligator and is now returning it back to its mother, let’s hope everything will be OK now. These two attractively priced limited edition products inspire exciting adventures and introduce children to the important issue of wildlife conservation.


4687 Woman with Puppies
4688 Expedition Diver
4690 Skull Pirate


4260 PLAYMOBIL Patrol Car The Patrol Car is a trendy blue and silver law enforcement vehicle. Both the bonnet and the boot of the patrol car can be opened and the roof is detachable for more playtime flexibility. The folding rear seats create more space for the storage box complete with extensive equipment. Batte­ries are included so that the detachable flashing light is ready for use immediately.

4262 PLAYMOBIL Motorcycle Patrol
The versatile Motorcycle Patrol is usually the first on the scene. With built in batteries the flashing light on the topcase is ready for use at the push of a button. The policeman in the trendy blue uniform is equipped with a pistol and helmet.

4264 PLAYMOBIL Police Headquarters
The new, manned Police Headquarters (L57 x H31 x W25 cm) captivates with its attractive design and super realistic equipment. An entire equipment wall is provided ranging from helmets to pistols. Following questioning in the interview room, the prison cell awaits the arrested criminal. Functio­nal details such as the lockable prison cell, two escape options out of the prison and an abseiling vest pave the way for many an exciting police adventure.

Suburban Life

4279 PLAYMOBIL Suburban House
The new Suburban House (L67 x W43 x H48 cm) offers everything the little property owner could wish for. The basic equipment for this ideal playhouse, open on one side includes: a family, a functioning doorbell, a retractable awning and a set of terrace furniture. Further supplementary room sets ranging from a practical car parking bay and storeroom to a conservatory with a sun terrace complete this contemporary play world. PLAYMOBIL’s dream house invites children to “call the shots” in the various adventures – big and small – of every day life.

4283 PLAYMOBIL Kitchen Diner
From the coffee machine to the stove with extractor hood through to the well-stocked refrigerator, the large PLAYMOBIL Kitchen Diner does not lack details. The realistic cooking accessories and tableware create an appetite for healthy eating and the table is set with careful detail! This is likely to be where family life takes place.

4287 PLAYMOBIL Children’s Room
The Children’s Room, with a bunk bed and appealing felt sleeping bags for the little boy and girl figures, is full of detail. In addition to the writing desk, two small tables and an innovative cupboard with a lion design, there is even a miniature PLAYMOBIL ark on the play mat.


4240 PLAYMOBIL Pyramid
The impressively large Pyramid (L53 x W53 x H35 cm) has a surprising number of exciting play options. The hidden treasure in the burial chamber is secured via lots of clever functions and exciting tricks. Stairs with sophisticated folding technology, a scorpion panel, the revolving secret chamber, the magical amulet key and much more are intended to prevent the grave robbers from discovering the pharaoh’s sarcophagus with its valuable treasure. The PLAYMOBIL developers have used a great deal of expert knowledge in the detailed design of the figures and burial objects. The crook and staff as well as the blue and gold striped Nemes scarf are the pharaoh’s symbols of power. The dimensions and height of the pyramid are based on the length of the ancient Egyptian royal cubit. Due to the high degree of playing value and the extensive functionality on the adventurous route to the treasure chamber, PLAYMOBIL recommends the pyra­mid for children aged 5 years and up. This is how to make learning history fun!

4241 PLAYMOBIL Royal Nile Ship
For the Egyptians, the Nile was a waterway for transporting stone blocks, goods and warriors. The Royal Nile Ship (length 46cm), with its military crew, is equipped with a camouflaged ram, a catapult with working ammunition, as well as storerooms below the deck. It is able to float or can be rolled along the floor in the playroom so that it is always ready for new conquests on land or water.

4242 PLAYMOBIL Sphinx with Mummy
The PLAYMOBIL Sphinx with Mummy (L30 x W39 x H18 cm) is an imitation of the famous, almost 4700-year-old Sphinx of Giza. The secret door guarded by a priest and an armed soldier can be opened using the magic amulet key. Behind it is a forgotten pharaoh’s tomb with a glow in the dark skeleton and valuable burial objects. The PLAYMOBIL version is recommended for anyone who has ever wondered what this impressive statue – half lion, half man – looked like with a nose: its nose is complete.

4243 PLAYMOBIL Pharaoh’s Temple
The pharaoh is carried in his magnificent sedan chair to the Pharaoh’s Temple and opens the shrines with his magical amulet key. Now the ceremony can start!


4157 PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar “Police”
With the 24 little surprises the time up until Christmas simply flies by. All of the numbered gift boxes in the Police Advent Calendar have to be completed with PLAYMOBIL figures and accessories by 1st December. The children then place a further piece against the backdrop every day and then the exciting police chase is ready to start, with the police motorcyclists playing their part as well.

4158 PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar “Unicorn in Fairy World”
The magical Unicorn in Fairy World Advent Calendar is every little girl’s dream. Individual figures, accessories and decorations that were distributed among the numbered gift boxes by the parents by 1st December are added to the appealing fairy backdrop every day. This makes waiting for Christmas fun!

PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 - for children aged 1 ½ years and up

6745 PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 Wild Animal Puzzle
The new puzzle game from PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 is twice as much fun. Youngsters aged 18 months and up have to find the right cut outs for the figures, or else they can simply play with the giraffe, zebra and company. The specially rounded shapes and bright colours designed for this age group encourages sensory development through suitable games. The children also get to know a couple of wild animals at the same time. The ideal gift idea at an attractive price, enhancing its appeal for both children and their parents.

6748 PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 Playground
The new PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 children’s Playground in its practical little carry case is ready for use even in bad weather. The slide and rocking dinosaur reflect the world of children aged from 1½ years and up. Time flies by while they are playing and soon the sun will be shining again.

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PLAYMOBIL NHL New York Islanders Goalie

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PLAYMOBIL NHL New York Islanders Goalie

PLAYMOBIL NHL New York Islanders Goalie[Product Details...]

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PLAYMOBIL Pirate Raft Carry Case

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PLAYMOBIL Pirate Raft Carry Case

PLAYMOBIL Pirate Raft Carry Case[Product Details...]

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PLAYMOBIL N°4387 Bundle Of 2 Rails Curved 2001


PLAYMOBIL N°4387 Bundle Of 2 Rails Curved 2001

Do you need a little extra track to bridge a small distance in your layout. Here's your answer: 2 lengths of curved track to get your RC Express or RC Oldtimer Train rolling. All tracks are 4.4cm . width, made of strong, easy-maintenance plastic. This product contains small parts and is a choking hazard so not suitable for children under 3 years old.[Product Details...]

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