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Playmobil is known for its wide array of creative play worlds, but the solid and unifying foundation for all of them is the same two and three quarter inch figure with legs that bend, hands that grip, and a neutral facial expression that suits just about any play situation.
The Playmobil assortment is divided into three basic groups: Playmobil 1.2.3., Playmobil Blue and Playmobil Pink.
Playmobil is available for sale thru our online Catalog, The Ever expanding PLAYMOBIL Brand promotes imaginative play and creativity - just what parents want most for their children..

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A world of adventure and imagination and for boys and girls age 4 and up.
Playmobil 123 Product Line Overview Videos

Introduce your children to a world of imagination with the PLAYMOBIL® play system!

Start with PLAYMOBIL® 1.2.3, the preschool line for children 18 months to 4 years old. Our safe, colorful 1.2.3 figures are the perfect shape and size for small hands. PLAYMOBIL® 1.2.3 figures and sets encourage your child´s physical and emotional development through hours of unstructured role play. PLAYMOBIL® 1.2.3 is the toy that grows with your child.

When your children are ready for advanced play (typically at the age of 4), switch over to the PLAYMOBIL® Basic Blue and Victorian lines. More than 250 themed playsets put the world within their reach. From swashbuckling adventure on the pirate ship or tea with scones at the dollhouse to fighting crime with the SystemX police squad, your children will spend hours, even years, developing and exploring their imaginations. Best of all, you can rest assured that your youngsters are playing and learning safely with the very best play system available. Millions of satisfied PLAYMOBIL® customers agree!

Finally a city with a perfectly working infrastructure! Everyone wants to be mayor of this town, with its crack police squad and state - of - the - art hospital. The totally new hospital uses brand new equipment and the latest medical advances in its operating and hospital rooms, and keeps its skilled staff, like the pediatric nurse, trained and happy. The police force is updated in 1999 with a crime - stiffing k9 unit, streamlined new motocycle, and safety crosswalk.

Fairy tales do come true and they're custom - made for you in the extravagantly luxurious new dream castle from Playmobil. Three floors of royal opulence beckon from this pastel - colored architectural wonder, which has an open - air, accessible design for easy play. And the System X construction makes it even more amazing - once built, you can pick up the entire castle intact using one hand.
Playmobil 3001-3786
Playmobil 3792-3997
Playmobil 4020-7411

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